Behavior Management and Training

One-on-one training is my passion and specialty. I am happy to come to your house or you are more than welcome to come out to my property.  I find every client and their dog has a different personality, a different issue, environment, and way of looking at life. One-on-one, I am able to focus on what will work best for you and your family to be successful. Unlike other trainers that use only one type of training technique, I utilize many different methods. That being said I generally do not use E-collars or prong collars. I’ve successfully worked with behavior modification for issues such as fear, aggression, insecurity and dominance. On the lighter side, I love to help people with a new dog or puppy. Starting with obedience and training early on will help you be successful down the road. The key component to a successful training program is a mutually committed relationship between a dog and dog owner. Doing only private sessions allows me to always be caught up. This means I am usually only a week or two out. Compared to classes, private sessions save you time and money. I charge $150 per session and sessions can last two hours. 

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