While I was volunteering at the Heart of the Valley I noticed this hound dog cowering in the back of his kennel. This was one of the most scared dogs I had ever seen. So I decided to take him home. He turned into the best dog ever. Pete helped many dogs to become more confident and trusting with people and other dogs. He was my original ski joring dog. But, sadly Pete is no longer with us. His presence lives on, and every time we meet and help a scared dog, I know Pete is right there with me.

About Josh

Layla (la-la)

My newest dog was found in the Missoula animal shelter. A rare coonhound airdale mix is why she is so cute. La La was pretty severely abused. It took 2 weeks for her to trust me enough to take a treat out my hand. She has been one of my greatest challenges. She now works with me on nearly every job. She works so well with dogs its almost like this is what she is supposed to be doing.



Ten years ago I found Camille at the Humane Society. She had been at the shelter for over two years and was fear aggressive and very unsocialized.  To see her today you would never know of her rough start in life. With compassionate and consistent training and management, Camille is now living the normal life of a Good Dog. She has swam in the ocean and hiked to the tops of mountains and is a valuable member of my team. She helps teach good behaviors to dogs and helps teach ski joring.

Josh has been working with dogs for over ten years. He got his start volunteering at the local Humane Society where he realized how much he loved working with the dogs. Learning how leadership, patience and guidance helped the dogs progress to healthy well adjusted animals, he wanted to learn more. That’s when he enrolled in Animal Behavior College. There he gained a foundation in the basic principles of normal canine behavior. He learned the scientific principles of how animals learn and the differences between obedience training, behavior modification and problem solving. Josh has a library of solutions plus the knowledge and the passion to help you have a better relationship with your dog!