Josh is amazing with the dogs! He took great care of my boy when we went out of town. I highly recommend Good Dog! Dog training and boarding!

 — Robin Wilkinson Kelley

A tip of the hat to Josh Sponsler at Good Dog! Dog training. Not only did he train our dogs to behave he taught my wife and I to treat them consistently so they continue to behave for us. The dogs and we are both much happier now. 

— Bill and Barb Broughton

My husband and I have used Josh to board our dog for four years. We know that he loves going to Josh’s because he jump right out of the car and runs right up to Josh with tail in full wag! He gets very excited for his stay when we tell him “ready to go to Josh’s?” and of course he talks (woofing and barking) the whole way to his house.  We feel that Josh takes great care of our dog while in his care. We trust Josh with Steve, his well-being, and as owners that is very important to us! We feel that Steve and Josh have bonded over the last four years and it is fun to watch them reunite for a boarding stay.

— Jessie and Aaron Kochman

We have known and worked with Josh for a number of years. His help with socializing our dogs has been positive and extremely helpful. Our dogs are always happy to go to Josh’s facility. They usually start getting
excited to go there when we turn onto springhill. We recommend everybody to Josh!

— Barb and Al Koski

I  just got a new mastiff who was shipped to me from Alabama.  She was 4 months old at the time she arrived. She bonded to my family immediately and we thought she was perfect. Two days later she met some other dogs and showed defensive aggression towards them which I found highly disturbing. I wondered how in the world I had acquired a four month old dog with aggression towards other dogs. That day, Josh, with the help of his own dog Layla, did an evaluation of my new puppy. After the session, Josh had a calming discussion with me explaining that she had recently been traumatized by her change of environment and air travel. He showed me how to help her understand that she could trust me and did not have to be defensive when I was around. He came to our house and worked with my family in the dog’s own environment (with the help of Layla whom he rehabilitated from a fearful state herself) and showed everyone how to calmly show our dog that she could trust us to not put her in a situation that she had to defend us or herself from. After following this calm and gentle method of instilling trust in my dog, she quickly moved past her anxiety and looks to us in any uncomfortable situations. She believes we will handle any problems that arise, so that she doesn’t have to. She is able to enjoy being a puppy and playing with other energetic dogs now, which makes me so happy to see. I appreciate the logical, methodical approach that was taken to mold my dog’s behavior and to help her be a Good Dog.

— Laurie Ann LeGrand, DVM

Josh came to my house to help me with two of my foster dogs over the past few years. Each dog had different issues ranging from neurotic light chasing to fear nipping. In both cases Josh was able to evaluate the dogs and immediately see the root of the problem. He then worked with me to show me techniques and tricks to use. I was amazed that the dogs responded so quickly to Josh's training. I will always call on Josh to help me in the future. Good Dog is a great resource and Josh knows his dogs!

— Kathy Johnson