Boarding at Good Dog! is safe, clean, and fun! Boarding is situated on 3 acres where I live. Dogs are constantly monitored. Safety is my biggest concern. This is a social and structured environment. I average walking the dogs 6 miles a day around the property. 

If I walk that much, imagine how much your pup will do. While the pups will have 3 acres, I only do 10-12 dogs at a time—more space than anyone else and fewer numbers.


  • 3 acres of fenced property
  • 8-foot pool
  • 5x10 kennels heated and air-conditioned
  • Personal experienced care


  • 1 year old spayed or neutered
  • Well-socialized - no overplay, no snappiness
  • Excellent recall and training
  • Comfortable in a kennel or crate - no barking

If you think your pup meets these requirements, contact me. We will need to do a meet and greet. I will show you the property and ensure your pup meets the requirements. We do some paperwork, and you're in!

Our dog boarding facility in Belgrade, MT, charges 45$ per night per dog.

Our Boarding Facility Offers a Unique Experience

Boarding your dog at Good Dog! is like sending them to summer camp. Can you remember how fun it was to be at camp? Running around, making new friends, and spending days full of fun activities. That's precisely what your dog will experience here. But guess what? It's not just about the fun.

This unique experience can do wonders for your dog's physical health. With all the running and playing they'll do in our 3-acre property, it's like a doggie gym. Your furry friend will get a great workout and keep in tip-top shape.

Beyond the physical benefits, there are some big wins for your dog's social skills, too. They interact with a small group of other dogs, learning important social cues and behaviors. This can help shy dogs come out of their shell, and energetic dogs learn to play well with others.

So why wait? Invest in our dog boarding in Belgrade, MT!

Dogs Thrive in Our Structured Environment

At our dog boarding facility, structure is the name of the game. We know that dogs thrive on routine, and we make sure that they get it. We have a rule here: before any dog leaves their kennel, they have to sit. This not only helps to reinforce good behavior but also ensures that each dog is calm and focused before heading out for activities or playtime.

But that's not the only structure we have in place. We also practice commands as a group, such as sit, stay, and come. This helps dogs learn important social cues and behaviors while promoting obedience training.

Our structured environment ensures that each dog learns and follows rules, creating a safe and harmonious atmosphere for all our furry guests. With structure at the core of our boarding experience, you can trust that your pup will have a fun and organized stay with us!

Socialization Opportunities at Good Dog!

At Good Dog!, we believe in the power of paws-itive friendships! Socializing isn't just a human thing; it's also super important for our furry friends. When dogs interact with other dogs, they learn so much. They learn how to share, take turns, and play fair. It's like doggie school but way more fun!

But it's not just about the dog-to-dog interaction. They also get to meet and interact with different humans, which helps them to be more relaxed and comfortable around people. This can be a big help if you have visitors at home or when going for walks in the park. Your dog will have the confidence to meet new people and make a great first impression.

At Good Dog!, we provide ample opportunities for socialization, from our small group policy, where your pup can make furry friends, to our daily walks around the property, where they get to meet other humans. We also have an 8-foot pool where dogs can splash around with their buddies.

Peace of Mind for Dog Owners

When you board your dog at Good Dog!, you're not just providing them with a fun vacation - you're also giving yourself peace of mind. It's the kind of reassurance that comes from knowing your dog is in the hands of someone who loves and understands dogs and will provide them with a safe, clean, and stimulating environment.

You can relax knowing that your dog is getting more than just basic care - they're getting companionship, exercise, socialization, and lots of love! This is why our dog boarding facility in Belgrade, MT, is so popular.