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I believe that all training is based on positive reinforcement. Therefore, I discourage the use of e-collar and/or prong collars.

That said, I am not an absolutist, if e-collar or prong collar work we will look into it as an option.

Obedience Training

I coach you on getting your dog focused and undistracted. Using the basics of sit, stay, come I will teach you how to properly communicate with your dog. We take obedience training to the streets and do loose leash work in real world situations.

Sessions last an hour to an hour and a half and cost $120 per session.

Puppy Training

On the lighter side, I love to help people with a new dog or puppy. Starting with obedience and training early on will help you be successful down the road. The key component to a successful training program is a mutually committed relationship. We start with the fundamentals of communication and focus between you and your dog.

Sessions last an hour to an hour and a half and cost $100 per session.

Behavior Management

My background is in behavior management, it is my passion and specialty. I work with the psychology of the dog and the owner.
I address issues from fear and anxiety, to over-confidence and excitement, to aggression and over-reaction. I work one-on-one, either at my facility or at your home. With one-on-one training I am able to focus on what will work best for you and your dog to be successful.

Sessions last one and a half to two hours and cost $150 per session.